Can a woman with thyroid problems get pregnant?

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What should my thyroid levels be to get pregnant?

Can I get pregnant with hypothyroidism and irregular periods?

Will thyroid affect pregnancy?

What happens if you get pregnant with hypothyroidism?

These are the common questions for the thyroid patients when they are pregnant or when they want to be pregnant , so the answer is Yes you can get a very healthy child but the most important thing here is you need to check thyroid levels and should have a regular checkup with a doctor , because there are chances of health problems to the baby if you neglect thyroid .

Thyroid levels be to get pregnant :

Conventional wisdom suggests that 4.2 should be the upper limit for TSH. However, recent studies have suggested that TSH should be no above 2.5 when trying to conceive and three .0 during pregnancy. Thyroid hormones are synthesised from iodine, so it’s also important that iodine levels are optimal.

Hypothyroidism can have chances of causing irregular menstrual cycles and also other issues with menstruation which may affect fertility. … If no egg is released, you cannot get pregnant, even if you’re having regular menstrual periods.There are other ways in which thyroid problems can cause infertility. Hypothyroidism can cause cysts to make on the ovaries. It also can cause increased production of prolactin which is the hormone that controls milk production, or lactation in women who aren’t pregnant. When your prolactin levels are high, you’ll not ovulate.

Hypothyroidism has also been tied to a particular increase within the risk of miscarriage. Women who are hypothyroid are about fourfold more likely to possess a miscarriage than women who aren’t. Women with untreated hypothyroidism also are in danger for having babies with developmental problems and slightly lower IQ levels.
So you need to definitely consult a doctor and check thyroid levels and maintain the correct thyroid level in order to get pregnant and have a healthy child.

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