Does drinking Alcohol Protect from Covid-19 ?

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Does drinking Alcohol Protect from Covid-19 ? Its absolutely big No. Doctors say that heavy intake of alcohol reduces the immunity power , and low immunity is more dangerous during these conditions.

Having Alcohol will slow the immunity and increase the risk of infectious and non-communicable diseases. Alcohol has a detrimental effect on all organs and cells in the body. The immune system cells are no exception. For example, alcohol damages the immune cells and microbes that prevent the entry of harmful insects into the lungs. This allows insects like coronavirus to enter easily. Pechorin? Alcohol can damage the lung tissue and intestinal tract. All these increases the threat and severity of infections.

Alcohol Vs Mental Health state

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people may experience greater levels of stress, depression, and anxiety. this might cause some people to consume more alcohol than the normal.

For regular normal functioning, the brain must maintain balancing the neurotransmitters. Alcohol can disturb this balance.
Excessive alcohol use can cause or worsen existing psychological state problems.
For example, consistent with a survey alcohol can induce depression.
Alcohol use also can worsen anxiety symptoms over time. Around 20% of individuals with a social mental disorder experience alcohol use disorder.

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