Health Tips for Pregnant Women

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Having a baby is an exciting time that always inspires women to make healthier lifestyle choices and, if needed, work toward a healthy weight . Here you’ll find recommendations on how to improve your eating and physical activity habits while you’re pregnant and after your baby is born.

These tips can also be useful if you’re not pregnant but are thinking about having a baby! By making changes now, you will get used to new lifestyle habits. You’ll give your baby the only possible start on life and be a healthy example to your family for a lifetime.

Here we will discuss about :

Healthy Weight
Healthy diet
Physical Activity
Things after the Baby Is Born

Healthy Weight
Why is it important for healthy amount of weight during pregnancy ?
Gaining a healthy amount of weight during pregnancy will help the baby grow to a healthy size. But gaining an excessive amount of or insufficient weight may cause serious health problems for you and your baby.

According to experts External link, gaining an excessive amount of weight during pregnancy raises your chances for developing gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy) and high vital sign during pregnancy. It also increases your risk for type 2 diabetes and high vital sign later in life. If you’re overweight or have obesity once you get pregnant, your chances for health problems could also be even higher. you’ll even be more likely to possess a cesarean delivery (C-section) NIH external link.

Gaining a healthy amount of weight helps you’ve got a neater pregnancy and delivery. it’s going to also help make it easier for you to urge back to your normal weight after delivery. Research shows that recommended amounts of weight gain during pregnancy also can lower the probabilities that you simply or your child will have obesity and weight-related problems later in life.

During Pregnancy how much weight should i improve?
How much weight you ought to gain depends on your body mass index (BMI) before pregnancy. BMI may be a measure of your weight in reference to your height. you’ll use a formula to calculate your BMI

The general weight-gain advice below is for ladies having just one baby.

If you’re You should gain about
Underweight (BMI less than 18.5) 28 to 40 pounds
Normal weight (BMI of 18.5 to 24.9) 25 to 35 pounds
Overweight (BMI of 25 to 29.9) 15 to 25 pounds
Obese (BMI of 30+) 11 to 20 pounds

It’s important to realize weight very slowly. The old myth that you’re “eating for two” isn’t true. During the primary 3 months, your baby is merely the dimensions of a walnut and doesn’t need many extra calories. the subsequent rate of weight gain is suggested

1 to 4 pounds total within the first 3 months
2 to 4 pounds monthly from 4 months until delivery
Talk to your health care professional about what proportion weight gain is acceptable for you. Work with him or her to line goals for your weight gain. Take under consideration your age, weight, and health. Track your weight reception or once you visit your health care professional.

Don’t attempt to reduce if you’re pregnant. Your baby must be exposed to healthy foods and low-calorie beverages (particularly water) to grow properly. Some women may lose alittle amount of weight at the beginning of pregnancy. Speak to your health care professional if this happens to you.

Tips for Pregnancy :

Talk to your health care professional about what proportion weight you ought to gain during your pregnancy, and frequently track your progress.
Consume foods and beverages rich in folate, iron, calcium, and protein. Talk together with your health care professional about prenatal supplements (vitamins you’ll take while pregnant).
Eat breakfast regularly .
Must have foods which has high in fiber, and drink fluids (particularly water) to avoid constipation.
Avoid alcohol, raw or undercooked fish, fish high in mercury, undercooked meat and poultry, and soft cheeses.
Do moderate-intensity aerobic activity a minimum of 150 minutes every week during your pregnancy. If you’ve got health issues, ask your health care professional before you start .
After pregnancy, slowly revisit to your routine of normal , moderate-intensity physical activity.
Gradually return to a healthy weight.

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